Singing Birthday Cards

Singing Birthday Cards

  • Want something totally unusual as a Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary gift for a loved one or a special friend or relative?

  • Why not make a personalised single track CD which is quite simply recorded karaoke-style and then packaged in a choice of ways as a special gift.

  • This is a great unique present for child to give to “mum, dad, or grandma”, for Christmas or for that “special” birthday - and you would be surprised at how economically this can be produced.

  • A basic single track recorded and presented on packaged CD as a Birthday (or special occasion) Card can cost as little as £25.

  • The package is: Up to 1 hour of recording and editing time One Single track CD (looks like a minature vinyl disc) in card packaging (extra packaged CDs at £10 each)

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Rescue old vinyl/cassettes

Rescue old vinyl or cassette recordings

  • If you have some old and much loved (or rare!) vinyl or cassettes that you want transferring to CD or MP3 format, we can do this for you, remember this has to be done in "real time" so can take some time to complete, we can also "clean up" the old recording during the copying process if you wish

  • CONTACT US for more information.

On Location Recording

"On Location" Recording

  • We have a number of systems at our disposal to record on location, capturing your true sound that can then be processed to perfection back at the studio.
  • Our rates are VERY reasonable, use the contact button on the menu above for more information!

Interactive CD/DVD's

Interactive CD/DVD (or even BluRay!)

  • Does your business offer a service that you would like to keep in front of your customers after they leave your shop or web site?
  • An interactive CD or DVD is just the answer – this medium is great for photographers and similar service providers to present a convenient visual display their portfolio, or for suppliers of goods who want to illustrate their products at their customers homes – simply link this to an on-line ordering or booking service and you have a very competitively priced complete promotional package.

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